More fun than any ad you’ll see during the Super Bowl

For most of us, shopping online is done solely out of necessity and practicality; we’re not logging on to Amazon to experience a cool website. But if we lived in the Netherlands, we’d actually enjoy going online and buying tape, rubber bands, and drinking glasses from the chain HEMA.

HEMA, a Dutch-based Woolworths-cum-Target with stores in Germany and Belgium, has created what appears to be an authentic home page on its website: Images load of current products for sale, and tabs appear to direct you to various pages on the site. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say that after the page loads, it soon deconstructs, Rube Goldberg–style. We have never seen such a mischievously subversive mass-merchandising gambit.

Sure, you may not buy anything from HEMA, but when you’re glued to the TV this Super Bowl Sunday, don’t forget: Pretty much everything is cleverer in Europe.

VISIT HEMA’s imploding website

VISIT HEMA’s regular website

SEARCH for more information on HEMA

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More fun than any ad you’ll see during the Super Bowl