Indie Rock Book Party In Brooklyn, With GBV Cover Band

The Culture Czar is never one to pass up a hearty dose of ‘90s nostalgia. And what’s more nostalgic than a Guided By Voices tribute band pumping out lo-fi jams at the paperback release party for John SellersPerfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life? The event, which goes down March 1 at Don Pedro in Williamsburg, will also feature performances by Times New Viking, Matthew Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, and Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard (Mr. Sellers is a massive fan, natch), Pitchfork reports. The hardcover edition of Mr. Sellers’ fan memoir was published last March by Simon & Schuster, which will release the paperback version on March 4. More: Mr. Sellers, whose journalistic credits include contributions to GQ, The Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times, as well as a TV editor stint at Time Out New York, will read from the book on March 26 at Book Court in Cobble Hill, where he will be accompanied by Luna’s Dean Wareham.