Newsday Cuts 120 Employees [Updated]

Well! While I was away at an interview for a couple of hours this afternoon, everything at Newsday blew up. All in all, 120 employees are losing a job, and the cuts start today (we do not have a clear indication of how many jobs in the newsroom will be lost). I’ll have updates as they come in, but the mood over there is apparently bleak–significantly worse than it was earlier this week when everyone was expecting these cuts as we reported this week.

Here’s the memo that was sent out this afternoon to Newsday employees; and here’s some first-minute reaction from a Long Island business blog.

(We reported earlier that the number of jobs being lost was 150; it’s 120.)

UPDATE: 25 newsroom jobs will be cut, confirmed a spokeswoman. When reached by phone, the paper’s editor, John Mancini, refused to comment on what happened, or what jobs would be cut.