Marc Jacobs Flips and Reverses Tardy Trend

Harper’s Bazaar has all sorts of fun ideas tucked up its couture sleeve. The latest: recreating the Marc Jacobs spring ’08 runway show as a spoof, to be snapped by famed fashion photog Peter Lindbergh. This clip shows the on-set happenings at the magazine shoot. And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the famous faces assembled in the “front row”—yup, that’s Marcia Gay Harden sitting near party photographer Patrick McMullan. Meanwhile, model Helena Christensendoes that woman ever rest?!—gets to play, as Mr. Lindbergh puts it, “the little bitchy fashion editor,” who looks at her watch impatiently while Mr. Jacobs does god-knows-what backstage. Hmmm…who could that be?

“People get bored and wait too long,” explains Mr. Lindbergh of the spread’s concept. “Because the bad behavior fashion crowd, you know?” Perhaps surprisingly to some, Mr. Jacobs appears an extremely good sport in the video, gladly making fun of his own notoriously-tardy fashion shows. “This is a good way to kind of end it,” the fashion designer says. “Just have it documented as a spoof and be on to the next. I’m really amused by it. And fashion is such a circus, and shows are such a circus. I think for anybody who doesn’t know this—it’s insane what we all go through. So it makes good pictures.”