McCain's Financing, Clinton's Lead in California, Romney's Donations

John McCain rejects public financing. [Politico]

"Barack Obama gets his picture taken with gay people all the time," says a deputy campaign manager, denying a story about Obama and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Another poll California contradicts the last and puts Clinton 10 points ahead of Obama. [RCL]

Mitt Romney tries to soften his previous comments on Bob Dole and says, “I believe I was a contributor to his presidential campaign…If I wasn’t, I should have been.” [Jonathan Martin]

Hillary Clinton votes alongside Bill, who cryptically says when asked if the vote will go beyond today, “I just want it to go on today.” [Capitol Confidential]

This morning at Rockefeller Center McCain predicted victory. [New York Sun]

Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey hasn’t ruled out being a vice-presidential candidate. In case anyone was wondering. [PolitickerNJ]

Romney is tired. [Swampland]

Al D’Amato’s wife had a baby today. [Politics on the Hudson]

Clinton picks her all-time worst outfits. [US Weekly]

Perez Hilton endorses Clinton—and her campaign publicizes it. [Ben]

And pictured above is a photo from inside the voting booth by reader (and Obama supporter) Daniel Arnold.

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