More of the Same From Bloomberg in Post-Primary Appearance

Michael Bloomberg was, characteristically, critical of the presidential race but emphatically not critical of any one candidate in his first public appearance after the Super Tuesday primaries.

At a press conference in Brooklyn this morning, Bloomberg told reporters, “There’s still three Republicans in the race. Huckabee did reasonably well. Romney certainly didn’t get knocked out. McCain did very well. So there’s a real horse race there. On the Democratic side, Hillary and Obama are still very much in contention. This is Democracy playing out and that’s good.”

Bloomberg was in Brooklyn this morning—his first public appearance after Super Tuesday primaries—at the Emergency Management Office’s headquarters, where he unveiled winners from a contest to design emergency housing units that could be deployed after a disaster.

“The ten winning submissions were selected because they balanced poetry with pragmatism,” Bloomberg said.

“I don’t know anybody that’s addressing public education, who’s going to pay for it and how do you make it better. Not one,” Bloomberg said, “I don’t think any of them are addressing crime on the streets of the cities in our country. Crime is going up. It’s going down in New York. You shouldn’t forget about the rest of the country, it’s going up.”

“I don’t see anybody standing up who has a really intelligent immigration policy,” he added.

“So, I think a lot of these big issues, people are not willing to talk about.”

Bloomberg, who couldn’t vote yesterday because he is not a member of either party, said he was undecided about who he will vote for in November.

“I will vote in the general election. I’m not going to tell you who I’m going to vote for and I don’t know at this point who I’m going to vote for. Number one, I don’t know who the candidates are going to be.”

More of the Same From Bloomberg in Post-Primary Appearance