More On Javits Land Sale Fracas; Bloomberg 'Certainly Not In Agreement'

Mayor Bloomberg spoke out again today about Governor Spitzer’s plan to sell land adjacent to the Javits Center now that the governor has decided to only modestly expand the facility. The sale would block any chances of a larger expansion further down the road, and Mr. Bloomberg believes such an act would be short-sighted, given that it is motivated by a need to fill a budget gap.

Mr.Spitzer has taken the position that he has made a decision on the Javits expansion and is not looking back. Any large-scale expansion on the site would be far too expensive, he has said, and the sale will help fund needed capital improvements, including building out Governors Island and Hudson River Park.

Mr. Bloomberg’s comments, according to a transcript:

“Well we are certainly not in agreement with selling the land. I have expressed that to the Governor and we’re working with the Governor’s office. You know, I have a number of problems. Number one: capital- selling capital assets to balance budgets are not good ideas. With- putting us in a position where we can’t expand to the north is not a good idea I don’t think. I have supported the Governor in the sale of some of the other three parcels and there’s another one he wants to and I think we put out a statement saying that I support him in that and we certainly will and that we’ll work with him. Look, the Governor has a very tough row to hoe. Everybody wants something, nobody wants to pay for it. The State budget has got troubles like the City budget does and he’s got to make decisions; not everybody’s going to be happy with them.”