Morning Memo: Jennifer Lopez Delivers; George Clooney Crawls Around

Jennifer Lopez had twins this morning – a girl and a boy. [NYT]

Everyone who attended Ashton Kutcher‘s 30th birthday bash was exposed to hepatitis A.  That would include wife Demi Moore, Kate Hudson and Madonna. [P6]

French Vogue‘s Carine Roitfeld said New York magazine’s profile on her misinterpreted her words and made her sound unfairly critical of Anna Wintour[WWD]

Sam Lufti, who allegedly kept Britney Spears drugged, was served with a restraining order through March 17. [TMZ]

Britney will look pretty awful in ten years if she doesn’t change her lifestyle habits. [Gawker]

A Manhattanite pulls a Thoreau, deciding it’s a good idea to spend a winter weekend in an unheated Berkshires cabin. [NYT]

George Clooney goes to a journalist’s house for dinner and ends up in his crawl space, searching for the source of an alarm. [Time]

Blind people can take a touching tour of sculptures at MoMA. [NYT]

Danielle Steele‘s childhood ambition was to be a nun. [Yahoo News]