Morning Memo: Josh Hartnett In Coach; Will Ferrell Yanks Tom Brokaw On Stage

A paparazzo that sued an Australian paper for defamation after it accused him of harassing Nicole Kidman lost his case.  Among other things, he tried to bug Kidman’s house. [NYT]

Will Ferrell pulled Tom Brokaw onstage at Radio City during the final night of his Funny or Die tour to involve him in an Anchorman bit. [P6]

Obama declines to tell Us Weekly whether he wears boxers or briefs. [Us]

If you can’t afford a New York apartment with a real exposed brick wall, here are ways to build a fake one. [NYT]

Josh Hartnett had to fly coach back from the Oscars. [P6]

Sports drinks companies are targeting some products specifically to women. [NYT]

Facebook released screen shots for a planned site redesign. [Radar]

The Christie’s dinner party following an advance screening of “The Other Boleyn Girl” earlier this week featured mini guillotine table centerpieces. []

Jessica Alba was teased in elementary school due to early development. [P6]