Morning Memo: Neverland Ranch Needs Pixie Dust; Lindsay Lohan’s Biggest Fan

Michael Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch and all its furnishings will be put up for public auction March 19 unless the pop star pays the tens of millions he owes on the property. [NYT]

Marc Anthony‘s former wife, Daynara Torres, is writing a book on their marriage. Anthony left her for new mom Jennifer Lopez. [P6]

Pamela Anderson seeks to annul her four-month-old marriage to Rick Salomon, citing fraud. [Us]

A photo of the boy Anne Frank called her “one true love” in her diary will go on display at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam thanks to the boy’s childhood friend, now 81, who escaped to England. [NYT]

Chief Clinton strategist Mark Penn is doing big, ugly renovations on his Washington, D.C., home, and the neighbors are pissed. [P6]

Lindsay Lohan
‘s little sister, Ali, is inspired by her sister’s career. [People]

The New York Times
documents the rise of competing FroYo chains in the city. It does not explain why the Upper East Side Pinkberry’s line stretches out the door even when it’s sleeting. [NYT]

The 1,400-person audience during New York Philharmonic’s performance in North Korea Tuesday gave a five-minute standing ovation. [WSJ]

Diablo Cody may get a tattoo of Ellen Page‘s face to commemorate her Oscar win for best original screenplay. [P6]