Murdered Broker Linda Stein's Daughter, Samantha: 'My Mom And I Giggled About My Gray Hairs'

Samantha Stein-Wells, the daughter of Manhattan real estate broker Linda Stein, who was murdered in her Fifth Avenue apartment last November, is about to turn 35. To celebrate the milestone, she is throwing a birthday party at Marquee, the Chelsea nightclub, tonight.

Here’s the invitation Ms. Stein-Wells sent to friends:

Dearest Friends,

This past summer my mom and I giggled about my gray hairs, my lack of style and that Dora’s social life was more exciting then mine.

You all know how good I was stressing her out !

I was worried about turning 35 (selfishly not thinking about how she felt about having an almost 35 year old daughter) As usual she said “do we need to worry about this today Samantha?!?!!” “I’ll throw you a party so you can dance like you used to enjoy when you were growing up.”

My sister and Jake wanted to stick with the plan and throw it for me  I said “no thanks guys, I don’t feel like I have something to celebrate”

A few days later I heard a tragic story about a family of 5 kids now being raised by their grandmother after their father had killed their mother  I wondered about those kids and their birthdays and I thought back to the holidays when Dora’s school had a toy drive for the children of the over 600 families at THE FAMILY CENTER and decided I would celebrate for them so they could receive something special on their Birthdays.

In lieu of gifts I decided to create a Linda Stein Memorial Fund for the children at The Family Center.

Please consider supporting THE FAMILY CENTER  [Here] is a link that can assist you and provide information on what they do  If your company has a charitable donation matching program please take advantage of it.

If you feel uncomfortable donating on line, please feel free to mail in your donation to:

The Family Center Linda Stein Memorial Fund · 315 W 36th Street, 4th Floor · New York, NY 10018 · (212) 766-4522, FAX (212) 766-1696 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Hope you can join us.

Murdered Broker Linda Stein's Daughter, Samantha: 'My Mom And I Giggled About My Gray Hairs'