Obama's Millions, Clinton's Online Haul, Rangel and Spitzer Head South

Hillary Clinton raised $4 million online in 48 hours and gathered 35,000 new donors. [Ben]

Barack Obama raised $7.2 million in the same period, although that includes off-line donations. [CNN]

Joe Lieberman can’t be a superdelegate anymore. [Capitol Watch]

Eliot Spitzer met with the New York congressional delegation this morning. [Albany Project]

Chelsea Clinton is campaigning in Nebraska. [Beatrice Daily Sun]

Charlie Rangel and Spitzer are will be guests at a February 29 (leap year!) fund-raiser for the Palm Beach County Democratic Party. [Palm Beach Post]

N.Y.R.A. tells employees it will face layoffs if Albany doesn’t reach a racing deal. [Times Union]

A city study says the E.S.D.C.’s parking estimates for Atlantic Yards “Woefully underestimates the existing capacity.” [Atlantic Yards Report]

Congressman Joe Crowley supports the Willet’s Point redevelopment. [Queens Crap]

During a conference call yesterday about the Clinton victory in New Jersey Jon Corzine and Bob Menendez take turns saying the other one would be a great V.P. candidate. [PolitickerNJ]