Spitzer Sells Clinton, Says Driver's License Mess Didn't Hurt Her

Eliot Spitzer just made his debut on a Hillary Clinton conference call just now, along with New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, to discuss economic development.

When the line was opened up for questions, the first one was directed at Spitzer, about his plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, a policy he withdrew after Clinton ran into a world of trouble for refusing to criticize it at a debate.

Glenn Thrush, who asked the question, had to muscle his way in, insisting that Spitzer allow him to finish talking.

Spitzer eventually responded that he didn’t think his plan was problematic at all for Clinton.

"The answer is no, I have not had any conversations with her about it. I’d just point out that Barack Obama is for my policy on driver’s licenses, so I don’t see that that’s been an issue." 

Later, Spitzer also said he would campaign for Clinton in Ohio, and noted that it wouldn’t be his first time stumping for her outside New York.