Upsets, Red States, V.P.s

A New York Republican recounts how he wound up voting for Hillary Clinton by accident. [AdAge

David Plouffe call Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of an invitation to debate on Fox News a “tactic out of the second tier congressional campaign playbook.” [Swampland]

Massachusetts college-age voters went to Hillary. [HuffPost

Some observers are skeptical about the Clinton campaign’s claim that Massachusetts is an “upset victory.” [The Swamp]

The campaign is also touting her “red state” victories in Tennessee, Oklahoma and…Arkansas. [CNN

John Riley wonders how Mitt Romney can claim to be the conservative of choice if Mike Huckabee has won the states he’s won. [Spin Cycle]

McCain is still doing well with anti-war voters. [The Swamp]

Mel Martinez of Florida, a McCain backer, likes Huckabee for vice president. [Naked Politics

California independents have trouble voting. [The Stump]

The weather was incredibly bad in some parts of the country today. [NBC]