Vallone Defends Homework Resolution

Coucilman Peter Vallone. Jr.’s resolution to limit homework in New York City public schools has faced resistance since he started talking about it last November. Today’s attack, Vallone says, is unfair.

In a column today, John Dipaolo, whose organization runs two charter schools, opposes Vallone’s resolution, and supports his case by referring to the film Two Million Minutes, which compares the time that high school students in various nations spend on schoolwork.

Vallone told me, “In order to attack my resolution about grade school homework, he cites a film about high school homework, which is like comparing apples to oranges.”

“My resolution talks about grade school homework,” he continued. “You would think that somebody who ran two charter schools could find some evidence to refute me, as opposed to comparing apples to oranges.”

Vallone’s proposal would limit homework to 10 minutes per grade every night for students up to the eigth grade, with one night off a week.

UPDATE: Dipaolo’s column does make reference to elementary school homework, citing a study fifth graders reading habits. 

Vallone Defends Homework Resolution