Whither Blavatnik? The Mark's Penthouse On The Market For $60 M.!

markhotel Whither Blavatnik? The Mark's Penthouse On The Market For $60 M.!Listings for the massive Mark, the 1927 hotel at 25 East 77th Street, have hit the Internet–and the penthouse is there too, which can only mean only one thing: After a long, strange media hubbub, it still hasn’t been sold.

Remember when The Post had a massive front-page article on billionaire oilman Len Blavatnik’s $150 million "record deal" for the penthouse and two other floors at The Mark? The next day, I spoke with a source who said: “Len was approached but declined the opportunity.”

"It’s not a go,” the source said.

The Post‘s excellent real estate writer, Braden Keil, wrote Gawker to complain about our report: "They should at least have their ‘source’ go on the record if they want to discredit my story. It’s just sour grapes on their part. A letter of intent was signed for those units and that’s the story. It doesn’t mean he bought it."

But! The next day, without issuing a retraction, The Post had another article saying the oilman’s offer was $125 million, not $150. Mr. Keil quoted an anonymous source.

In late December, The Observer returned to the delicious topic when we got two marketing books and a DVD from The Mark, which suggested they probably still had some selling to do. Now, as Curbed points out, that seems to be the case: The penthouse and other Mark apartments have wondrous listings on the Corcoran/Sunshine Web site.

The best stats come from the $60 million penthouse, with its 12 rooms, five bedrooms, eight baths, and a $35,477 monthly maintenance. And the square footage, most important of all, is 9,799.

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