Albany D.A. Releases Partial Troopergate Report

Albany County District Attorney David Soares’ office just made a partial release of his report on Troopergate. The announcement gives these caveats:

“Due to the terms of the limited waiver agreements executed by the District Attorney and the Executive Chamber, we are unable to release the complete analysis until privilege issues of first impression are resolved with former Governor Spitzer and Governor Paterson. Further, any materials obtained pursuant to grand jury subpoena are not included in this report.

Regarding the findings of the investigation Soares wrote:

“It is my hope that the findings released in this report satisfy the questions surrounding the timeline, facts and sequence of events that have become known as ‘Troopergate’. Even more important to me, is that there have been thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on determining that crimes have not been committed. It is now up to our states political leaders to determine the best and most appropriate next steps.”