As Congestion Pricing Goes to Full Council, Barron and de Blasio Oppose, Gioia Comes Out in Favor

Councilman Bill de Blasio of Brooklyn, who has not previously declared whether he would support congestion pricing or not, and who is running for Brooklyn borough president, just announced during the full vote of the council that he is voting against it.

His likely opponent in that race, Charles Barron, spoke next and said he will also oppose.

De Blasio said he thinks transit projects in Brooklyn probably wouldn’t be funded under the plan. Barron, describing the plan as a tax on poor New Yorkers, said that if the mayor can oppose a millionaire’s tax, the council should avoid congestion pricing.

Also, Eric Gioia, who is term-limited in 2009 and expected to run for public advocate, just released a statement saying he will vote in favor. He previously told the New York Times he would vote against it.