'Brothers' Essay Collection Featuring Unabomber's Bro Sold to Wiley & Sons

An essay collection themed around brotherhood that includes a piece by Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski’s brother David has been acquired by an imprint of Jersey-based publishing house John Wiley & Sons, according to literary agent Andrew Blauner. Mr. Blauner sold the book, but he is also its principal architect.

In an interview in January (see UPDATE below), Mr. Blauner said Frank McCourt will write the introduction to the book, and that he has also secured pieces by author Frederick (brother of Donald) Barthelme, Meg (sister of Michael) Kelly, and both of the Lopate brothers Philip and Leonard.

The collection will also include essays by former Random House editor-in-chief Daniel Menaker, author Susan Cheever, literary critic Daphne Merkin, magazine writer Mark Singer, poet Thomas Lynch, author David Maraniss, and Daily Candy founder Dany Levy.

Mr. Blauner said in an e-mail that the book will be edited by Alan Rinzler, who edited (according to his Web site) Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 and his 1972 collection of articles The Great Shark Hunt.

UPDATE: OK, so, it seems we should have waited until Mr. Blauner got back to us before pulling the trigger on this–it seems that a few important things have changed since this collection was first described to us back in January. Namely, according to Mr. Blauner, Wiley & Sons didn’t want any females in the table of contents because that would dilute the thematic unity of the book, so the essays by Meg Kelly, Dany Levy, and Daphne Merkin won’t appear in the book after all. “Perhaps, one day, I will put together another book, one of just women writing about their brothers, or one with half that, and half with brothers writing about their sisters,” Mr. Blauner wrote in an e-mail. “But for now, this new/next book will be brother-on-brothers.” Mr. Blauner also noted that while Philip Lopate is still in, Leonard is not. 

'Brothers' Essay Collection Featuring Unabomber's Bro Sold to Wiley & Sons