Elsewhere: NAFTA, Bruno, Cuomo

webarcadefire Elsewhere: NAFTA, Bruno, CuomoThe Obama campaign had to be defensive about NAFTA.

Canadians issue an apology for interfering in the election.

The press confronts Barack Obama about the same issue at a conference today.

Ben notices that Dick Durbin failed to stay updated about this one.

Joe Klein tries to the put the issue, and NAFTA in general, in perspective.

Chelsea Clinton woos the gays in Texas.

TechPresident notes that John McCain’s website allows the most criticism.

You might have missed the first State of the M.T.A. address this morning, but Sewell Chan did not.

The City Council is eager to see a bill on congestion pricing.

Frank James says Obama is very wrong about the facts of Clinton’s Iraq war vote.

Michael Bloomberg’s weekly radio show with John Gambling on WABC has been discontinued.

The Obama campaign emphasizes the importance of the delegate count.

The Clinton campaign talks about the popular vote in Texas.

Joe Bruno decries his New York Magazine profile.

Some of Clinton’s records from her time as first lady will be released later this month.

Chuck Schumer doubts anybody reads Time and Newsweek anymore.

Obama puts out his two-minute “closing argument,” which will air in Ohio tonight.

And his campaign is circulating an “upbeat” video to convince undecided voters in Texas.

Clinton debuts two new ads.

Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac reach a deal with Andrew Cuomo.

In the comments section, Anonymous wonders if Michael Bloomberg will also campaign to help Republican state Senator Serph Maltese keep his seat.

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