Exit Polls, Texan Outrage

The AP has initial exit poll results. 

Marc Ambinder reports what the campaigns are saying about leaked exit polls.

Mark Halperin says those polls show voters think Barack Obama would be better in a general election, but Hillary Clinton has more clear and detailed plans

Republicans are targeting Kirsten Gillibrand with a new ad.

Mike McMahon and Jimmy Oddo agree about taxes.

A Fort Worth Star Telegram blog gets a little outraged about their state’s depiction by the New York Post.

Writing about Ronald Reagan and Obama, Blake Dvorak says, “For all of Obama’s audacity, he has balked at the one truly audacious thing he could do: Revive the liberal label and carry it into the White House.” 

Cindy McCain weighs in on the issue of the 3 a.m. call.

Mike Huckabee will be “looking at the landscape” tomorrow. 

Doctors are pro-Spitzer, apparently. 

There is some very anecdotal evidence that Texas Republicans were voting in the Democratic primary

Exit Polls, Texan Outrage