Green Day: March 11, 2008

A green lament for the fall of Eliot Spitzer: “Whether it was toxic mercury, smog and acid rain or global warming, Spitzer would reliably fight on behalf of environmentalists and scientists who sought to strengthen weak standards to protect human health and the environment.” []

At a hearing before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board in White Plains yesterday, state officials opposed the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plant on the Hudson. []

Slate’s “Green Lantern” columnist Brendan Koerner parses the environmental impact of drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day with some interesting results. []

Trading Spaces designer Genevieve Gorder on the perils of wall-to-wall carpeting: “Currently, the amount of carpet dumped in landfills each year is larger than New York City. … And carpet normally has to be replaced every five years, where hardwood and stone can last a lifetime.” []

Hearings set for April in the drugs-in-the-tapwater inquiry initiated by the Associated Press; city officials say New York tapwater is not contaminated (though they don’t test for pharmaceuticals in the water). [;]

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have signed a “Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change” giving credence to global-warming research and resolving to make the denomination—which includes 16.3 million people in the U.S.—less “timid.”[]

Green Day: March 11, 2008