Jennifer 8. Lee's Book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Published

The New York Times City Room writer Jenny 8. Lee’s book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, was released today. She’ll be touring the city–KGB Bar, the 82nd Street Barnes & Noble–over the next week or so to get word out. And she’s gonna be on Colbert too. Here’s the mass e-mail that she just sent out (which seems to have made its way to the entire city based on the amount of times it’s been forwarded to me over the last few minutes):

I wanted to drop a note to say that my book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, officially goes on sale today from my publisher, Twelve Books.
If you want, you can go to and buy online at any number of places (though Amazon, it appears, offers the best deal).

If you know anyone who might be interested in the book, thanks in advance for circulating this link. And if you are interested in seeing me talk about the book in person, I will be popping up in a number of cities
( starting next week.


P.S. I am scheduled to be on The Colbert Report, Tuesday, March 4 on Comedy Central.