Mob Hits for March 31, 2008: Media Stories That Slipped Through The Cracks

An O.G. in the Usual Gang of Idiots: The Times‘ Neil Genzlinger profiles MAD magazine’s fold-in creator Al Jaffee and finds the 87-year-old writer/illustrator still up on youth culture. (Of course he is: The guy did a mind-blowing cover for Vice magazine’s Comics Issue, after all.)

Fox Season: Time‘s James Poniewozik wonders about FOX News Channel’s future since “I get a sense that the haven for conservative hosts, and viewers alienated by liberal news, needs to figure out its next act.”

How Many Doors?: Vanity Fair‘s Rich Cohen talks to’s Claire Howorth about interviewing Madonna in the May 2008 issue of the magazine.”It was the longest day in history… I had to go through countless doors to get to Madonna. I did the interview at the same time they were shooting the satellite down, and it felt just like that. I had one shot, one chance.” Was Cohen intentionally echoing VF editor Graydon Carter’s infamous “seven rooms” theory of access?

First Defense: Slate’s Jack Shafer warns you how not to look the fool–The April Fool tomorrow.(Flashback, here’s the origins of April Fools Day according to The Simpsons.)