Morning Memo: The House on Jungle Road; Elton John’s Love for Hillary Tainted?

Elton John’s fund-raising concert for Hillary might be a federal violation of campaign rules. [Washington Times via Radar]

Ashley “Kristen” Dupre used to man the reception desk at Corcoran Sunshine in Chelsea and often got reprimanded for dressing like, well, a prostitute and coming on to clients. [P6]

Summer in the Hamptons will not be the same this year as the popular Hampton Social concerts that have featured artists like Billy Joel, Prince and Dave Matthews are not happening. [P6]

Carla Bruni tries her hardest to fill the first lady role and impress the Queen. [The Cut]

Kimora Lee Simmons has officially filed for divorce from Russell Simmons. [Daily Intel]

What’s more disturbing: Ivana Trump and her younger fiance, Rossano Rubicondi, fighting so much that cops have to be called to hand-cuff Rubicondi, or the fact that the happy couple lives on a street called Jungle Road.[P6]

Mayor Bloomberg asks for a senior discount at the movies. [P6]

Before Nancy Reagan publicly endorsed John McCain she was kinda mad at him for divorcing his first wife. [P6]

The New York Post is glad to announce that it’s demotic as in popular, not demonic. [P6]

Bill and Hillary Clinton turn into schoolgirls in the presence of Mick Jagger. [NY Daily News]

Fashion Week might move to the Tenth Avenue rail yards. [NY Daily News]