Morning Memo: Trump Charm School For Spitzer Sweetie? Heath’s Relatives Continue to Keep Things Classy …

Bittersweet Symphony? Ashlee Simpson may not be welcomed back to Saturday Night Live after her 2004 appearance exposed her lip-synching talents. Also, Page Six hears that the young Mr. Simpson was not exactly a hit with the show’s producers. [P6]

The Aussie relatives of the late Heath Ledger continue to provide made-for-tabloid muck; now an uncle claims Matilda Rose Ledger may not be the actor’s only offspring. [NY Daily News]

Donald Trump wants to send Ashley Dupre to charm school to teach her some debutante manners. And film the whole thing for a reality series, of course. Yes, Donald, let’s class up that joint! [NY Daily News]

Moby tells New York magazine that he hasn’t had a month off from the city’s nightlife since 1981, and he is not slowing down despite the fact that he finds it a bit depressing. [Intelligencer]