Polls: Texas Tied, Clinton Leads Ohio

A deluge of polls on the day before the March 4 primaries shows mixed results: 

Generally, it looks like Texas is going to be close for Democrats. Although a Public Policy Poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama 50-44, a poll by Rasmussen and two tracking polls–one by Belo Texas and one by Reuters-CSPAN-Zogby-Houston Chronicle–show them statistically tied.

In Ohio, Clinton leads in most polls. A Public Policy Poll contradicts today’s Quinnipiac poll and shows her lead having actually expanded slightly. Polls by Survey USA, the University of Cincinatti and Suffolk University also have Clinton with a decisive lead (of approximately ten points) in Ohio, and Rasmussen gives her the lead with a slightly smaller margin of six points (50-44). A tracking poll by Reuters-CSPAN-Houston Chronicle-Zogby shows Obama leading 47-45.

The single Rhode Island poll I’ve seen today has Clinton with a small lead over Obama, 42-37, and a large number of voters who are still undecided (22 percent).

It’s also worth noting that, while those polls that do survey Republicans show John McCain with a decisive lead over Mike Huckabee in the states that vote tomorrow, Huckabee continues to hold his own, particularly in Texas. Some surveys show him only 20 points beind McCain, which is somewhat impressive for a candidate who literally can’t win.

Vermont also votes tomorrow, but I haven’t seen any “last polls” from there. Barack Obama’s early lead (solidified by the Ben & Jerry’s endorsement, of course) seems to have made the small state uninteresting to pollsters.



Polls: Texas Tied, Clinton Leads Ohio