Schumer: Hillary Wins When Voters Get 'Serious'

“This is a serious election,” said Chuck Schumer on a conference call about Hillary Clinton’s campaign this morning. He added that voters choose Clinton when they “get close to decision-making time, when they know this is for real."

Schumer spoke after Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, who said that Hillary had started to win now that “people have gotten through the initial job interviews.”

Bayh contested any notion that Clinton should drop out of the race for the good of the party. “We’ve got six and a half million people in my state—I think they deserve to be heard,” he said, noting that Indiana is a “working-class Midwestern state.”

"Hillary is a fighter," Schumer told reporters who were listening in.

“She’s had everything against her, but she is indomitable,” he added, and “she gets stronger when she is up against the wall.”

“She works and she works and she works,” he continued. “I saw this in New York when she first announced for the Senate."

And before jumping off the call, he said, “I like your haircut, Phil—it’s very nice.”

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