State's Anglin Versus City's Page on Budget

State Budget Director Laura Anglin is pushing back against what she calls the “inaccurate and higly misleading” comments made this morning by City Budget Director Mark Page, who told the City Council that the state is shortchanging the city.

In a public statement released today, Anglin argues that the city is blaming the state for a national economic downturn, and the city isn’t pulling its own weight.

From Anglin’s statement:

“He is attempting to shift the blame for the City’s budget cuts from where it rightly belongs: the economic downturn that is affecting every level of government.


“Furthermore, even while closing a budget gap of $4.6 billion, the Executive Budget substantially increases State support for New York City schools. The amount of State Aid to New York City schools is equal to the amount projected at the time of the Enacted Budget last year—and certainly not $349 million less. Following a $718 million State aid increase last year, the Budget includes an additional $539 million in funding for City schools. And while the Mayor has been arguing that this school aid increase is below the City’s budgeted assumptions, the Governor’s proposal provides $285 million more in school aid than the City would have been entitled to under current law. Furthermore, the Mayor’s January Preliminary Budget cuts City aid to schools by more than $500 million over two years. In essence, the Mayor wants the State to increase its contribution to cover the City’s own share of education costs.”