The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

Forbes includes Lombardi’s, Zero Otto, and Naples 45 in its list of the best pizzerias in America. [Forbes]

A Brooklyn bike enthusiast tries to move all her possessions to her new apartment by bike. [Biking Toronto via City Room]

Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal will be the first guest to stay in the Plaza Hotel’s $20,000-per-night suite. [TRD]

Here’s a look at the owners of the 202 condos at 15 Central Park West. Imagine what it will be like to Trick-or-Treat there. [TRD]

The New Yorker reveals 12 under-the-radar music venues in the city, meaning they will be packed from here on in. [The New Yorker via Gridskipper]

For all you Jay Gatsbys out there, the Strand bookstore is now offering a customized book collection service to decorate peoples’ homes. They will even crack the spine so it looks like you’ve actually read them. [Buzz Feed]

The first Brooklyn branch of Urban Outfitters opens on Atlantic Avenue in two weeks. A trendy chain store for self-conscious hipsters ought to be great fodder for the Brooklyn blogosphere. [Racked]

The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday