The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Subsidized housing for middle class New Yorkers exists, but that $51,000 Chelsea co-op is a needle in a haystack. [NY Times]

A 27-year-old struggling artist inherited a rent-subsidized apartment in Astoria from his grandmother. [NY Times]

After a stint as an aid worker in Darfur, a musician hunts for a one-bedroom condo in Brooklyn. [NY Times]

Making the $2.5 million brownstone on landmarked block in Harlem livable is “all just about money.” [NY Times]

Q & A: The alternative minimum tax was supposed to ensure that the wealthy pay their income tax, but it has come to affect middle class taxpayers. [NY Times]

At least 30 storefront churches have opened in Wakefield since a crime wave hit the Bronx neighborhood in the 1970’s. [NY Times]

A kafuflle over the lighting design at Coney Island’s parachute jump rages on though it has not had a rider for decades. [NY Times]

A retired NYPD officer refuses to leave the rent-subsidized apartment unit he lives in that is reserved for working cops. [NY Times]

Legislators propose one-year moratorium on home foreclosures. [NY Times]

A Bronx district attorney has decided to pursue criminal charges against an engineer whose failure to fully inspect a construction site may have caused the death of two fire fighters. [NY Times]

A sex shop comes to one of Brooklyn’s most family friendly enclaves Park Slope. [NY Post]

The MTA chief will deliver the first state of the MTA address today. [NYDN]

The trial of the real estate developer who helped Barack Obama buy his dream home in Chicago begins today. [NYDN]

West Side residents are fighting a supportive housing facility planned for the neighborhood. [NYDN]

Several indicators point to declining confidence in New York’s real estate market. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday