The Other Spitzer Legal Inquiry Also Moving Forward

Before Eliot Spitzer’s official resignation, I spoke with Republican State Senator George Winner, who is leading the charge at Spitzer’s other legal problems.

Winner said he’ll be in court tomorrow fighting Spitzer’s refusal to respond to a subpoena for emails relating to the effort to use state police to discredit Joe Bruno.

“Our inquiry moves forward with regard to our attempts to get information we need for our legislative responsibilities, ” Winner told me.

I asked if Spitzer’s legal troubles have anything to do with one another.

“I think that one of the reasons why he didn’t want to disclose the emails is that there is a lot there. In my judgment, I have always believed that. That’s why they were so vociferous about fighting it. But whether or not these two incidences have anything to do with each other, I can’t really comment because I have no idea.”