Tom Perrotta’s Novel The Wishbones Coming to the Screen

It’s a classic tale: the going-nowhere 30-something who lives in his parents’ basement in New Jersey. The bohemian Manhattan chick who makes him realize there’s more to life than playing in a wedding band in the suburbs. A bridge-and-tunnel romance that shatters the engagement with his long-time girlfriend! Actually, it sounds more like the plot of an indie film, and that it soon will be, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which brings us news that Warner Independent Pictures is readying a movie based on Tom Perrotta’s “offbeat romantic comedy novel,” The Wishbones, with Little Miss Sunshine producers Albert Berga and Ron Yerxa. The duo was at a reading Mr. Perrotta did for The Wishbones, his first novel, back when it came out in 1997. Mr. Perrotta had originally adapted the book for New Line in 2000, and now Mr. Berga and Mr. Yerxa are looking for a director to work with him on updating the script for Warner. Of course the real question is, Who will be on the soundtrack?