Avella Wants Cuomo to Investigate

Councilman Tony Avella wants Andrew Cuomo to investigate the City Council’s former practice of funneling money to fake organizations as part of a budget mechanism to ‘hold’ taxpayer money for future use.

“As a member of the City Council, I hereby formally request that the Office of the Attorney General begin an independent investigation into the allegations raised concerning the budget accounting practices of the New York City Council and the Council Finance Division in light of recent news reports,” Avella wrote in the letter to Cuomo dated today and released to reporters.

Avella goes on to say, “I am also concerned about the veracity of any internal investigations that may be undertaken.”

This would be the third investigation into the City Council right now. Already the U.S. Attorney’s office and the city’s Department of Investigations are looking into matter that is unrelated, according to Quinn.

Avella is an announced candidate for mayor, an office that Quinn is likely running for. Cuomo was endorsed by Quinn in 2006.

UPDATE: The attorney general’s office called to say they typically wait for the conclusion of an ongoing federal investigation so as to not interfere.

Avella Wants Cuomo to Investigate