Beautiful Plinky Folk Star Joanna Newsom Gets Kind of Lost at ‘Beautiful People’ Party

“We are here to celebrate all the beautiful people, and tonight you are all beautiful,” said David Hershkovitz, publisher of Paper magazine as he took the stage at Hiro Ballroom to introduce Joanna Newsom.

The crinkly-voiced neo-folkist graces the cover of the magazine’s April “Beautiful People” issue, in honor of which many beautiful New Yorkers gathered to celebrate, well, each other’s beauty.

Downtown party regular Richie Rich of Heatherette was present as was fashion muse Andre J and Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick, who’s been making his way around town this week. The Daily Transom also heard that Bjork and Matthew Barney made a brief appearance, but couldn’t spot them in the shoulder-to-shoulder packed mob of young, glammed-up partygoers eager for a photo op.

Unfortunately for Ms. Newsom, everyone was enjoying themselves so much that they were reluctant to quiet down long enough to let the devoted Newsom fans in the room get entranced by the singer’s childlike plinking. And despite Mr. Hershkovitz asking everyone to “please respect the performance and quiet down,” Ms. Newsom ultimately played only two songs to an audience that seemed largely uninterested, and left the stage.