Bendet at Bergdorf: Retail's Grande Dame Embraces Designer Stacy, Engaged to Eisner's Son

On Thursday, April 3, Bergdorf Goodman welcomed designer Stacy Bendet’s Alice + Olivia spring collection to their stores with what was billed as a celebratory, Wonderland-themed tea party.

But there was no tea, just absinthe mixers and devilled eggs. Shoppers milled around vignettes of oversize clocks, giant shoes, playing cards and pink flamingos.

“I’m full head-to-toe Stacy,” said socialite Ali Wise, who was wearing a catsuit as she skidded onto the fifth floor. “Well … minus the Dolce bag and the shoes. I love her. I love this!”

“I’m here for the ‘restorative wine,’’’ said her friend, Nylon style director Dani Stahl. “We’ll probably find the Cheshire Cat!”

Sadly, no.

“We were just being silly with the invitations,” said Ms. Bendet, known for her well-cut pants. “No cats here, just sexy girls. Who doesn’t like Wonderland? It’s a whimsical collection. The colors are what I’ve always pictured as spring, and it’s exciting. A lot of people in here are wearing it. I’m happy about that; it’s meant to be wearable.”

On the periphery of the throng around Stacy was her fiancé, producer Eric Eisner, plus NBC co-chair and all-around party boy Ben Silverman.

“I love these,” Mr. Silverman said, lovingly stroking his Alice + Olivia gray cashmere hoodie. “I saw Eric’s father”—former Disney head Michael Eisner—“wear one. Then I wanted it. She wouldn’t give me a discount.”