Bibles, Demolitions, Facebook

felderweb Bibles, Demolitions, FacebookA new poll shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tied in Pennsylvania. [Pollster]

Spike Lee thinks the Clintons would “lie on a stack of Bibles.” [New York via Ben]

A community group is calling for an end to demolitions for the Atlantic Yards project, due to its uncertain future. [Brownstoner]

Robert Harding reports on the New York State Democratic Rural Conference convention. [Albany Project]

Andrew Cuomo’s communications director is leaving to work for a coalition of labor groups that supports Obama. [Liz]

Mark Penn’s book has its own Facebook application. [techPresident]

Clinton announces a breast cancer initiative. [AP]

Both the Daily News and Jimmy Oddo are criticizing City Council member items after learning of the money-stashing practice in Christin Quinn’s office. [City Hall Insider]

Joe Lieberman’s popularity is fading. [Political Wire]

And Drudge reports that Clinton is calling for a boycott of the opening ceremony this summer in Beijing. [Ben, weirdly]