Case Against Times' Barry Bearak Thrown Out; He's Leaving Zimbabwe

Barry Bearak is on his way home. Here’s the statement from Bill Keller, sent to us through the Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis:

Barry’s family, friends and colleagues are overjoyed that the court threw out the preposterous charges against him, and that he is on his way home. His only offense was honest journalism, telling Zimbabwe’s story at a time of tormented transition. He had no intention of becoming part of that story.

We’re thankful to many people — in particular some brave and honorable Zimbabweans — who stood by Barry. The American and British consular officials in Harare were a source of counsel and comfort. Officials and former officials, civic leaders and journalists’ organizations in many countries offered support publicly and behind the scenes. It’s hard to know, in a country as politically opaque as Zimbabwe, what made a difference, but we are grateful for all of it.”

Bill Keller
Executive Editor