City Council Could Approve 125th Street Rezoning Tomorrow

The City Council as early as tomorrow could approve the Bloomberg administration’s proposed rezoning of 125th Street, as a Council subcommittee lists the proposal on its agenda.

The rezoning would allow for substantially more density around 125th Street in Central Harlem, an action that is expected to bring much new development to the historic African-American corridor.

The local Community Board and others have been concerned that the new development would radically change the face of Harlem, accelerating the gentrification and related displacement that has affected the predominantly low-income neighborhood. While some advocacy groups want the rezoning plan abandoned, Community Board 10 and local Councilwoman Inez Dickens have expressed a desire to see the strip rezoned, with more protections and affordability measures put in place.

A projected 2,600 new apartments could be created by the rezoning, based on planning documents, and the city expects 20 percent of those to be considered affordable. That percentage, of course, could change as Ms. Dickens negotiates with the Bloomberg administration.