Dick Affidavit: Soros Acted Like a (Private) Dick [UPDATED]

If you needed any reminder that the fog of litigation clouding the allegedly “fraudulent” sale of the GM Building to Harry Macklowe in 2003 involves actual people, rife with human intrigue, here’s a reminder from an affidavit signed by real estate developer and investor Leslie Dick.

We know it’s confusing; but first, some background: Mr. Dick alleges that celebrity financier George Soros rigged bidding so that the trophy building would end up in Mr. Macklowe’s hands. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of that some other time. The real point of this post is to share the following juicy tidbit from the affidavit: Mr. Dick claims that, after he wrote Mr. Soros in November 2003 expressing his concern about the sale, Mr. Soros spied on him.

“Mr. Soros elected to go to the Campbell Apartments during the month of December to observe my behavior while at the bar in Grand Central Station,” said Dick. “Both my associate and I noticed that Mr. George Soros was sitting at the bar directly diagonally across from us. I noticed, as did my associate, that Mr. Soros was observing me with great interest. After satisfying his interest, Mr. Soros finished his cocktail and departed.”

Mr. Soros could not be reached for comment in time for this posting.

Today, Mr. Dick asked a New York State Court of Appeals bench to grant his motion for discovery and prove his allegations of fraud.

A decision should be handed down in about a month.

Update 5:13 p.m.

A spokesman for Mr. Soros emailed this statement: “Mr. Soros never directly or indirectly acquired the GM Building. The lawsuit is totally without merit.”

Dick Affidavit: Soros Acted Like a (Private) Dick [UPDATED]