Edwards Spokesman on Elizabeth's Hillary Leanings

Edwards spokesman Matthew Nelson just sent over this response to a question I asked about the assertion in today’s Times story suggesting that Elizabeth Edwards was pressuring John Edwards to endorse Hillary Clinton:

“Unless you’re hearing from John or Elizabeth themselves, and not unnamed sources, I wouldn’t put much stock in it. Information is currency in politics, and there is a lot of fake currency floating around out there. Elizabeth is doing work for The Center for American Progress focused on health care and other important issues and in many recent interviews has answered questions surrounding an endorsement. I encourage you to check out the video from those for her position. Sen. Edwards is, as I mentioned, enjoying vacation with his family and is also planning how best to continue his life’s work – fighting to end poverty. He is not getting involved in the race and if he were to, you’d hear directly from him on this before anyone else.”

It’s not really a denial.

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