Elsewhere: Florida, Montana, Wyoming, New York

Howard Dean says Florida delegates will be seated.

Another superdelegate from Montana endorses Barack Obama.

So does the governor of Wyoming.

The state chair of the Republican Party, Joseph Mondello, met with John McCain and told him not to forget about New York.

David Paterson is “optimistic” about a budget by Friday.

Obama “will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table.”

Maria Baez has he worst attendance record in the City Council.

Assembly Democrats are in conference.

John Catsimatidis is going to the Staten Island Lincoln Day Dinner on Sunday.

The company that wants to build a giant powerline through the state is now pushing for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to overrule the state regulatory commission.

Lynn Sweet reports that the main D.N.C. hotel in Denver has contingency arrangements in case both candidates show up to the convention.

Tony Avella wants a bill to help apartment residents with pets.

The McCain campaign has pushed back the release of his medical records.

Obama tells voters that “Rocky was a movie.”

A blogger from the Center for Media and Democracy thinks Indian Point nuclear plant needs a better public relations firm.

Christine Quinn is speaking at a breakfast hosted by the Long Island City Business Development Corporation on April 23.

You’re an eBay guy and I know it,” Obama said to a guy who wanted a picture with him.

Not only did Heidi Montag endorse McCain, but he then admitted he watches The Hills.

The Financial Times headlines an article: “Hillary Clinton cannot let go of her dream.”

Elsewhere: Florida, Montana, Wyoming, New York