Elsewhere: Legal Problems, Budget Weekend

Tom Wrobleski reports that Christine Quinn’s aides could face legal problems for creating false organizations.

Bill Thompson says it would be “virtually impossible” to detect the practice of stashing money in those fake organizations.

Several federal lawmakers from New York–including John Hall and Hillary Clinton–sent a letter asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to dismiss a request for federal subsidies by the company that is trying to build a powerline through much of the state.

David Paterson asked state lawmakers to stay through the weekend to work on the budget.

He also criticized them for failing to cut back more on spending.

Liz does some analysis of Albany’s congestion pricing votes.

Mark Penn says his meeting with Colombian officials about a trade deal Clinton opposes was “an error in judgment.”

The Michigan Democratic Party made it official that there will not be a re-vote.

Both Clinton and Barack Obama will address the North Dakota Democratic Party tonight.

Charlie Rangel doesn’t think the Clinton campaign should attack Obama over Jeremiah Wright.

Philadelphia Gay News uses “creative white space” to protest Obama’s recalcitrance when it comes to local gay press.

Ed Rendell actually thinks the Pennsylvania economy is doing pretty OK.

The charity God’s Love We Deliver, which wrote a letter to Richard Brodsky expressing concern about the cost of congestion pricing, clarifies that they support the measure.

John Hall is going to hold hearings on veterans’ disability claims.

Mitt Romney hosts the Beach Boys at a fund-raiser for John McCain.

Jonathan Martin writes of the Republican Party, “[t]he assumption, it seems, is either that McCain will lose this fall or that he won’t run for reelection.”

Newsweek sits down with the Clinton superdelegate who thinks Obama will take the nomination.

In Memphis today, McCain apologized for opposing a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

McCain also told Chris Wallace that he will request Secret Service protection very soon.

An adviser to Obama, in a confidential paper, called for American troops to stay in Iraq through 2010.

City Journal has an incredibly in-depth analysis of Clinton’s Bosnia debacle, written by a doctor.

Lauren Conrad declines to make an endorsement.

Harvey Weinstein says George Clooney really supports Clinton.

Michael Crowley very briefly recounts the story of Bill Richardson in the presidential campaign.

Elsewhere: Legal Problems, Budget Weekend