Elsewhere: Rockefeller, Crowley, Burkle

Senator Jay Rockefeller implied that John McCain was indifferent to the people he was dropping bombs on when he was in Vietnam. The McCain campaign protested, and Rockefeller apologized. 

P.J. Crowley, the director of Homeland Security and former foreign policy spokesman for Bill Clinton, has joined the Clinton campaign as an adviser.

An Obama delegate resigned

Spin Cycle has video of Hillary Clinton at the Senate hearing today.

Michael Bloomberg appointed a new head of the Campaign Finance Board.

A commenter on a Politico story juxtaposes an old Hillary Clinton speech, in which she denounces people who do business in the Cayman Islands, with the recently revealed fact that Bill Clinton earned $15 million from Ron Burkle’s investment firm, which controls three funds located in – the Cayman Islands.

The New York City aqueduct is breaking, and it’s very expensive to fix.

The Brooklyn Bridge made it onto Popular Mechanics list of “10 Pieces of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now.”

Eleven new city schools are failing, according to No Child Left Behind, but 14 were taken off the list, so the net is up.

Marty Markowitz, for life.

Streetsblog interviews congestion pricing opponent Lew Fidler.

Newsweek interviews Chuck Hagel

Elsewhere: Rockefeller, Crowley, Burkle