Fixing Broken Windows, Or, Calling Out Out

Several Web sites have already taken note of Out Magazine’s second annual Power 50 List which is, erm, out now. New York‘s Daily Intel has questioned the list’s comprehensiveness while Gawker remains obsessed with Anderson Cooper.

But reading over the entries, we wondered who was, um, out to lunch (okay, we’ll cut it … out) when it came to writing and fact-checking the David Geffen entry?

Here’s a quote: “If his influence is exaggerated (he noisily switched his political support from Hillary to Barack in 2007, only to see Hillary win California), Geffen’s personal fortune certainly isn’t. With a net worth of $6 billion, he ranks higher than Windows founder Steve Jobs on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires…”

For the record, Steve Jobs founded Apple, which as anyone in your IT department will tell you, is just about the polar opposite of Windows.

Update: Looks like the folks at Out have worked all their mistakes… out. (Sorry, sorry, last one!)

Fixing Broken Windows, Or, Calling Out Out