The best show on TV you’re still not watching

When a new TV show is greeted with praise like “Extraordinary in just about every conceivable way,” you know how this story is going to end: with that show’s abrupt cancellation. Yet NBC’s high-school-football drama Friday Night Lights, the heartbreakingly authentic series based on the Buzz Bissinger book and film, has just dodged death a second time and will return for a third season in the fall. Shouldn’t you try this show before it can no longer forestall its inevitable fate?

If you’re concerned that you won’t grasp season 2 of Friday Night Lights (which comes out on DVD on 4/22) without watching season 1, here’s what you need to know: There’s a football team in Texas. The players suffer. A lot. Not just losses and injuries, but stem-cell surgeries, attempted assaults on their girlfriends, enticements to join college teams and to commit murders. The unknown cast gives utterly believable performances, and you’ll genuinely cheer at all their victories. Now watch it already.

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The best show on TV you’re still not watching