Further Commandments of Charlton Heston

According to today’s Los Angeles Times, the late Charlton Heston was more than just the star of Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments, he was “an avid newspaper reader, eager to share his opinions.” Heston wrote letters to the editor on everything from Manuel Noriega to the long-forgotten ’90s game show Stud. (Whither, Mark DeCarlo?)

The paper reprints several of Heston’s epistles, including this one about O.J. Simpson trial jester Brian “Kato” Kaelin:

THE hapless Kato Kaelin has my sympathy. Still, if O.J. Simpson demeaned him during his tenure as housesitter, dog watcher and sometime companion, it was no worse, as your article points out, than the treatment routinely accorded the people who serve those affluent public faces who lack the character and decency to understand how to treat those who work for them. I’ve observed their disgusting antics throughout my career. They no longer amaze but only appall me. Your article, though, fails to separate clearly the Katos, gofers, dogsbodies and buddies from the men and women who function professionally as personal assistants.

(Via LA Observed)