15 CPW Alert! Lehman Lady Lands $6.5 M. Pad

The first and only woman to gain entry into the 15-member boys club that is the Lehman Brothers’ executive board has now penetrated one of the city’s most exclusive buildings. Erin M. Callan, the recently appointed Lehman CFO, paid $6.5 million for a 31st-floor condo at 15 Central Park West, city records show.

She will have plenty of colleagues in the building. The co-chief of Lehman Real Estate Partners Raymond Mikulich bought a $17.9 million apartment on the 15th floor; Arthur Estey and his wife Evelyne have a $16.9 million four-bedroom unit on the seventh floor (one of the largest non-penthouse units at 15 CPW); and the head of European fixed-income sales at the UK office, David Bizer, has a $5 million apartment on the 4th floor.

Though Ms. Callan brings the total number Lehman folks at 15 CPW to four, they are still lagging behind Goldman Sachs with at least 7 bankers who’ve bought in the buildings. A few more from each bank and they might have enough people to form rival softball teams—co-ed of course.