30 Rock Guy's Comics Collection Takes Up 'Wasted Space'

The Observer‘s research editor Oliver Haydock pings in this update from the New York Comic Con at the Javitz Center.

Scott Adsit, who plays writer Pete Hornberger on NBC’s 30 Rock, is a comic nerd. Mr. Adsit was spotted by the Culture Czar looking a little bit lost in the main exhibition hall at the New York Comic Con, which is running from today until Sunday, April 20. Mr. Adsit was on his way to find his “hero,” Walt Simonson, a comic artist who worked at Marvel during the 1980s and 90’s, best known for his drawings of The Mighty Thor and X-Factor.

When asked if he collected comic art, Mr. Adsit responded, “Not yet, I have never been able to afford it.” He does, however, have an extensive collection of comic books at home, which he claims takes up “a lot of wasted space.” In addition to his work on 30 Rock, Mr. Adsit is working on Moral Orel, his stop-animation show on Adult Swim, which is currently in post-production and should air sometime in the fall.