Investigation Commission Says N.Y.R.A.’s No-Bid Contract Breaks Law

The state Commission on Investigations just released a report from the probe of the relationship between the law firm Getnick & Getnick and the New York Racing Association. Last summer, N.Y.R.A. hired the firm as special counsel, granting them a $125,000 no-bid contract. Critics later charged that the firm was instrumental in securing support for N.Y.R.A. from Eliot Spitzer.

The report concludes N.Y.R.A. broke the law by failing to solicit bids. The commission’s chairman, Alfred Lerner, is quote in the release as saying:

“The irony here is that had NYRA used the bidding process and concluded that Getnick & Getnick was the most qualified firm, NYRA would have had a reasonable basis for hiring the firm,” Lerner said. “By violating State law and not having a competitive bidding process, NYRA needlessly invited doubt about the contract award’s legitimacy.”